Questions: Naturopathic Visits

Typical visits
The first appointment with a naturopathic doctor is about 1 hours and subsequent appointments will be from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length depending on your specific health concerns and the naturopathic doctor you are working with. Typically during the initial visits your naturopathic doctor will take a detailed history of your current and past health concerns, conduct a physical exam and use information from laboratory tests to make an assessment and diagnosis. With the patient's input, a personalized treatment plan will be proposed to help facilitate achieving his or her health goals.

Diagnostics and examinations
The foundation of naturopathic diagnosis is an extensive patient history, physical examination, review of medications, and evaluation of appropriate laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging. Naturopathic doctors use the conventional medical diagnostic framework, but are also trained in Chinese medical diagnostic skills and spend time looking for contributing factors in patient's lifestyle, habits, attitudes and constitution.

Health insurance coverage
Most extended health insurance plans in both Canada and the United States cover naturopathic treatments. Insured patients are encouraged to contact their employer or individual insurance brokers to determine if they are covered and/or to request that their policy be extended to include naturopathic services if it does not already do so. Since naturopathic doctors use alternatives to costly techniques and drug therapies, more insurance companies are beginning to investigate expanding coverage of this cost-effective treatment method. Naturopathic medicine is currently not covered by any of the provincial health plans.

You do not require a referral to see a naturopathic doctor. To find a naturopathic doctor in PEI visit Our Naturopathic Doctors link and call to book an appointment or contact the CAND to find your local Naturopathic Doctor.

Fees for Naturopathic Visits
A Naturopathic Doctor's consultation is based on an hourly rate. A first visit is often 11/4 - 1 hours in length with subsequent visits ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The CAND fee schedule is based on a rate of $125 - $180 per hour. Presently all Naturopathic Doctors practicing in PEI charge the same hourly rate. For a detailed outline of naturopathic service fees contact your Naturopathic Doctor's office.

Find a Naturopathic Doctor
Use this Link to Our Naturopathic Doctors Page to locate a naturopathic doctor in PEI.

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