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The PEIAND, established in May 2004, represent licensed naturopathic doctors on PEI. Our organization provides public education, and works to enhance awareness of the profession of naturopathic medicine. Most importantly, the PEIAND implements the standards of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) to ensure that a national standard of competency is maintained. The PEIAND requires that all of its naturopathic doctors are members of the CAND.

Our Island group is comprised of 7 licensed naturopathic doctors; Dr. Gretchen MacLean, N.D., Dr.Lana McMurrer, N.D., Dr. Tracey Pollard, N.D., Dr. Nara Simmonds, N.D. Dr. Kali Simmonds N.D., Dr. Melanie LaBelle, and Dr.Cassandra Goodwin. Our members are involved in various community initiatives such as the PEI Health Sector Council, the Birth Options Research Network, PEI Cancer Control Strategy Committee, PEI Women and Business and The Environmental Health Co-Operative Ltd.

PEIAND members are often invited to share their knowledge with various health professions and community groups such as the Medical Society of PEI, PEI Pharmacy Board, LPNA, O.R. nurses of the QEH, and PEI Teachers’ Federation.